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Jadoo TV Box Review

Ladies and Gentlemen a lot of you have emailed us asking about Jadoo TV Box and Jadoo TV Box 2 which left us with no choice but to make this page on our site.

First of all Jadoo is an Indian/Pakistani word meaning Magic. What Magic it does is still a mystery and we are still wondering what is the freaking Magic that this box can do and any others cannot.

We purchased both Jadoo TV Box and Jadoo TV Box 2 and researched ourselves to see if it is legit; if it actually works and finally to see if it is traceable or not.

Our researches concluded that Jadoo TV Box logs your IP Address (Internet Protocol) and registers it with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) as the main agent of stealing signal in order words piracy. Each computer has a set IP address generated by your ISP. That IP address is your personal information when you registered with your Internet Service Provider on their monthly plan. Now this information is collected by your ISP and then forwarded to the authorities.

Now be advised a new Bill was passed in Canada making it harder for people in getting free channels. Almost all these channels you could watch online by searching for them through Google. You will find tons of sites offering online channels almost about every tv station there is. Now we are not saying that is legal and eventually the satellite companies find out about it and they shut the websites down or basically block them access to the frequency.

We are not saying you do not have to do what you want to do. It is your choice if you want to buy Jadoo TV Box or not. But be advised that your personal information could be forwarded to the Police authorities by your ISP and you will be held accountable for it.

Despite all of the above. Is it worth it buying a Jadoo TV Box? In very short form, NO. It is not worth spending your money on it. DishSetup.Net guarantee it that within 2 - 4 months in the coming near future Jadoo TV Box will be useless, leaving you with other ways to figure out possibilities for your TV streaming. Be also advised of high sales pitches or someone showing you an actual Jadoo TV Box in action. Those are the techniques used to impress you and impress you ALONE.

Our tests indicated that there are a few channels on the list which are mostly Indian, Pakistani and some Asian channels which we are sure you are not interested in. Most of those channels are going down day by day as time goes by. A few days a go some channels were working and today they are down as we speak.

Let us say clearly and loudly that Jadoo TV Box does not have access to Pay Per View channels. So if you are thinking about getting the Jadoo TV Box in hopes of getting the Pay Per View channels do not bother at all for you will not get them.

There is another Bill in the process to go and become the law. That bill is to revoke every Canadian's right into the unlimited bandwidth package and if this Bill is passed it will give the Internet Service Providers the authority to limit every and all Internet Services. Rogers Communications, Bell High Speed Internet and other major companies have already implemented this program. These companies no longer offer the unlimited bandwidth package on their Internet Service. Rogers for example has a bandwidth starting from 2 GB all the way to 175 GB. Now if you are using the Internet streaming through media files and movies and songs and to be watching live on TV that 175 GB bandwidth could finish in a week time mostly. Depending on how much TV you will be watching. The type of programs you are going to be watch and the type of quality you are going to be watching.

Now we all know that Blue Ray technology with extreme high definition quality does not come with file size. For example, if you were to watch a regular quality movie it could be anywhere from 700 MB to almost a 1 GB file size but if you were to watch a Blue Ray quality that file size will jump from 700 MB to 7000 MB making it 7 GB. An increase from 0.7 GB to 7 GB just in one quality change.

Apart from all that, is it really worth it getting a Jadoo TV Box? If you are watching the TV programming on FTA the actual Free To Air satellite which is Galaxy 25 at 97 West then you could use Jadoo TV Box and watch those channels. But remember you really need a HIGH SPEED connection in order to stream through those media channels. Make sure that your ISP offers you an unlimited bandwidth or you will end up with another from your ISP for over bandwidth usage and Rogers Communications for example charges anywhere from $0.50 cents to $5 per GB. Let us calculate this for you further. If you used an extra 50 GB over your bandwidth you were subscribed originally that 50 GB extra bandwidth will cost you anywhere from $25 and up depending on the type of Internet connection you have with your ISP.

Our over all research concludes that you should not waste your money and time and efforts on this useless junk. That box is not even worth $30 to be honest with you. Please do not waste your money. You will not only save your money but prevent criminal charges being laid against you.


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